The artist, Frank Egan of Egan Bronze oil lamps

From his boyhood in the Minnesota iron belt to a decade as a craftsman and organic farmer in the Ozark Mountains, Frank Egan’s artistic development has been shaped by his close relationship to the land and a lifelong interest in ancient cultures. For the artist, whose name literally means "fire" in the language of his Gaelic heritage, the transformation of fiery, liquid metal into objects of deep and lasting beauty is a consuming passion.

Frank’s creative metalwork experience dates back to more than 20 years to his apprenticeship with sculptor and jewelry artist Hank Kaminsky.

After a decade of foundry work, gallery exhibitions and craft shows; Egan has built his new foundry in the San Francisco bay region art community of Benicia, California.

His mastery of both the sand matrix, and lost wax methods as well as his creations and the critical plaudits they have earned in exhibitions throughout the West, are testaments to his success.

Frank Egan 1999 - 2017