The Frog Lamp from Egan Bronze classical oil lamps cast in bronze with patina

The Frog oil lamp title
Limited Edition 300
Antique Greek
H. 2" W. 3 1/2" L. 4 1/8"

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The Frog lamp is unique to Egypt between the 2nd and 4th century AD. This Hellenistic style; wide shoulders, keel shaped body and splayed nozzle gives way to a highly stylized frog-an important icon in maintaining the health of the Nile River. The carnelian eyes are symbolically noteworthy as well. In its natural state, the carnelian rock looks like a female breast, therefore, the Egyptians believed it to be of feminine character.

Egypt - 2nd to 4th century AD

Patinaed bronze with bezel set carnelian or citrine




Frank Egan 1999 - 2017